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Snow in Santiago!

Hello lovely,

Today I feel connected, powerful. I woke up to some good news, then I opened the curtains and SNOW!

Here's the thing. I am in Santiago, Chile, my hometown. We have had a big drought problem for a couple of years. Rain is announced, clouds form but because of the contamination, the rain is never released from the clouds. This year however, we are a few weeks into the winter and it has already rained more than last year! Now it has even snowed!

I wanted to share this to show you a good side to the pandemic. Due to COVID-19, the people circulating in the streets isn't as high, therefore contamination levels have gone down and now our corner of the world has healed from the drought. This pandemic has taken a toll on all of us, it's important to see these little miracles and allow them to bring awareness to how we go about our every day lives. What can we do to make sure we keep the earth healthy post-pandemic?

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