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Quarantine Thoughts: Okay... Now What?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Dear Human,

Today started pretty odd. I am super sore because I have been running around my neighborhood and it is not flat. I had a conversation (more like heated discussion) with my thighs. They are mad at me but hey! It's for their own good.

Oh wow, this isolation thing has me speaking with my thighs... Anyways! I powered through the workout and the day got better. I've been getting in touch with loved ones, playing guitar and writing some more! I do slowly feel anxiety creeping in. Go away bish!

Tonight I am having dinner with my roommates and their guests. So excuse me, gonna go chug some wine and say inappropriate things that I'll regret tomorrow.

All is well in our world,

Thank you, thank you,

L (I usually type my full name but just L looks cool and mysterious so its happening).

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