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Quarantine Thoughts: I Have Time To Do All These Things!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Dear Human,

Lately, my life has been extremely busy. I wake up, work, work, work, sleep and repeat. I have been learning and growing a lot so I am by no means complaining but hey! Maybe this isolation thing isn't such a bummer after all.

I have been on a creative roll these past few days. Writing new songs, singing, walking, smelling flowers and staring at the sky. Nature is so inspiring. Am I in the honey moon phase of isolation? Hmm...

My morning routine is spot on! I wake up, meditate to Deepak Chopra's voice, go for a run, then I use this app that does various seven minute workouts, love it! All while taking my time. I have nowhere to be! *Sighs in relief and appreciation*.

All is well in the world,

Thank you, thank you,

Luciana Garcia

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