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Quarantine Thoughts: I Choose To See The Opportunity

Updated: Jun 16

Dear Diary,

Thank you for this already beautiful day, full of new opportunities coming my way, unlimited potential and happiness. I trust higher intelligence to lead me exactly where I need to go. Thank you for guiding me, for having my back. Thank you for Gabby Bernstein, Deepak Chopra, Tom Bileau (whatever his last name is, the guy from Impact Theory), thank you for all these great minds and for collective consciousness. Thank you for the $94 dollars I have in my bank account, thank you for the privilege to teach voice lessons, thank you for happiness and thank you for my bedroom. Thank you for my muma and her ability to pay for my school, thank you for our friendship, thank you for all needs met. Tell me, what is it that I need to know? What is trying to emerge here? How can I serve? All great questions, focus. Meditate to music, focus. You can do it! You got this. Yes I do.

All is well in my world,

Thank you, thank you,

Luciana Garcia

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