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Female breasts are a beautiful thing. So are our bellies. 
Beauty standards, societal norms and patriarchal belief systems 
have led us to hide our breasts and stomachs, suffocate them 
in uncomfortable bras and tight clothes, hoping to hide their true, 
unique and beautiful form. 

In this project I want to showcase these womens’ beauty, diversity 
and unlimited power by showing you, my dearest audience, a hint 
of their essence. 

By freeing their bodies into the world, and in my own little way, 
honoring the magic of their being. 


Free ME is a statement of freedom, self love and progress. 
The NFT world always intrigued me, especially given how 
empowering it is for creators to showcase our art 
in a decentralized system. 


When I was thinking about the release of my upcoming 
EP For The FRIKY, I immediately thought of honoring women 
that have truly impacted me, and have opened their hearts 
wide enough for me to receive a piece of it. 


Free ME is a series of portraits of these womens’ torsos. 
These 10 phenomenal, world-changing women that 
I’ve been blessed enough to call my friends, caretakers, 
family and supporters. Now, why torsos?


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