Single "21st Century Baby"
The song was written by Luciana about what being powerful means in a patriarchal society. It transforms those stories of strength into music. 21st Century Baby is a movement. The music video portrays what a strong female is; Confident, no matter the shape, size, color or height. Confidence radiates like the sun and it encourages those who need a little push towards empowerment. 

Single "People Gone Insane"
Luciana Garcia's new single “People Gone Insane” was written upon the devastating massive shooting in Las Vegas.
People Gone Insane is a truth. The music video portrays the purposelessness of being divided and further portrays an obvious fact; because of our differences, we are equal. We have driven ourselves to insanity by gravitating towards division by race, gender and politics. It is time to reverse that and unite to create a better world. 

Harry Styles Cover with an All Female Band!