"A deep, powerful and completely captivating voice"

-Buzz Music

Luciana García is an Empowerment Modern Rock songstress. An inspiring story, explosive rock vocals and an unrested need to heal the world have led fans to describe her as "Blondie meets Oprah".

Luciana was born in Santiago, Chile and now exercises her career in Los Angeles, California.  Upon the release of her debut EP You Will Know My Name, Luciana has developed a momentous presence in the Los Angeles scene. Through songs like Beauty Boy and Come Real Into The Party, the album encourages us to dream big and have fun, 21st Century Baby enlightens us on our own power. Paralyzed and People Gone Insane show the sensitive side of the artist while Un Beso Suavecito exhibits her Latin origins and takes the audience to the dance floor.


Versatility, strength and a powerful message are the valuable contributions of this emerging artist to the Modern Rock scene.